Selected Consulting Projects

Access Pro Bono

Based in Vancouver and serving the entire province, Access Pro Bono is recognized across Canada for its innovations in legal aid. Its Everyone Legal Clinic is a one-of-a-kind, virtual public interest law teaching clinic and legal practice incubator that aims to increase access to justice and the diversity of British Columbia’s legal profession.

I wrote this case for support as part of the fundraising strategy my colleague David Love and I provided to Access Pro Bono to launch its major new initiative, Everyone Legal Clinic. 

Several factors shaped this project:

  • Access Pro Bono board and staff needed clear messages and the “just right” level of motivation for donors – individuals and companies – in and out of the legal profession.
  • The case should function as a whole piece and as a storehouse of messages, language, quotes and statistics to be re-purposed in social media, talking points and future donor communications.
  • To provide emotional resonance, David and I worked closely with senior staff to write an introductory story representative of many Clinic’s clients.
  • Access Pro Bono staff did a fantastic job with the final design and images, resulting in a communications tool helpful in both personal and corporate discussions.

    The program was successfully launched in 2022. In the first year, over two-thirds of the 44 articling students were BIPOC and worked in more than twenty communities across the province. The Clinic received the Canadian Law Award for Diversity Initiative of the Year in 2023.

Copy available upon request